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How Do I Prepare & Protect a Refrigerator, Dishwasher or Other Appliance for Moving in Long Beach, CA?

Many homeowners have invested in modern appliances that improve electrical efficiency and general usage. Many times homeowner will take their appliances with them as they plan a long distance move. However this can prove to be difficult and hazardous if not done properly. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share proper packing and preparation methods for moving your homes major appliances.

How Do I Prepare a Refrigerator for Moving

When preparing your refrigerators or freezers, make sure there is no food or liquids inside and make sure there isn’t any ice inside your freezer either. Make sure the inside is completely dried out. The removable parts should then be taken out and packed separately from the rest of the refrigerator and freezer. Tap the doors shut or use shrink wrap packaging to keep the doors shut. To prevent dents, nicks or scratches from occurring on the outside of your fridge and freezer, wrap them completely with moving blankets. The moving company will already know this, but in the event you may pack the truck yourself, refrigerators and freezers must always be standing upright. This is essential especially during a long distance move.

How Do You Pack a Microwave Oven when Moving?

Before you pack your microwave oven, be sure to take out the glass plate and pack it separately. For those who have kept the original box, it just paid off. It’s much better to pack your microwave oven it its original packaging for a snug fit. If you don’t have the original box to your microwave, make sure when you pack it up that it is well padded and fits snugly in the box of choice. It is a good idea to pack the microwave oven pate with your refrigerator and freezer shelves to keep them all together.

What Do You Do with Washer & Dryer when Moving?

If you are planning on taking your washing machine and dryer with you, of course make sure there is no laundry inside either machine. You will want to make sure your washing machine is completely drained of all water. Bundle and tape the power cords to the washing machine and dryer. Pack the drainage hoses and the flexible dry vent hoses separately as well. Then wrap the appliances with moving blankets or cloth. This will protect them during their journey.

How Do I Prepare My Dishwasher for Moving?

Regardless of reason there are those who just can’t part with their dishwasher. If this fits you, a few days before the move, allow it to dry out completely. Leave the door open to allow it to dry out faster. Again, all parts that are removable take out and pack them separately. By doing this it will prevent lose items from jostling around inside the appliances. Same with drainage hoses etc. Pack them separately and tape the power cord etc. to the dish washer then wrap it up with moving blankets.

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Keeping all appliances upright is a good rule to follow. It will load quicker and maintain the function of your appliances far better. Appliances are an investment that many homeowners do not want to leave behind. Prodigy Moving & Storage can load and move all of your household items and move them to their new destination safely. If you are preparing for a local (or long distance move in the State of California), contact us today to schedule your moving date.