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Moving Industry Terms in Burbank, CA; From Accessorial Charge, Bill of Lading & Carrier to Tariff & Valuation

Some of the terms associated with the process can be unfamiliar for those that don’t work on moves every day. To help clarify some common terms in the moving industry and make your move easier, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage has created a helpful moving glossary below.

What Does PBO & Other Terms Stand For in Moving?

Accessorial charges: Such as for packing or unpacking, accessory charges are for additional services. In addition to the transportation costs are charges for these services.
Agent: On behalf of a larger, national company, a local moving company authorized to acts.
Bill of Lading: Containing important information about the move, bill of lading is a contract between the moving company and the mover.
Carrier: The mover who is actually transporting your items is the carrier.
C.O.D. (cash on delivery): Upon delivery is when payment is owed to the moving company.
Estimate, binding: Guaranteeing that the total cost of the move will not exceed (or be less than) the initial estimate with a written agreement with a moving company.
Estimate, non-binding: Final charges may be more or less based on factors such as final weight or additional services provided estimate from a moving company that is not guaranteed.
Full-service mover: Picking up items from each room of your current house and delivers them to your new home is a full-service mover.
High value articles: Possessions valued at more than $100 per pound.
Interstate: Across state lines move.
Intrastate: A move within the state you currently reside in.
Inventory: With details noted such as condition and who packed them (you are the moving company), inventory is a detailed list of all the items you are moving.
License: With the U.S. Department of Transportation, every moving company is required by federal law to be licensed
Linehaul charges: For long distance moves, linehaul charges calculated by mileage and weight of your shipment.
Long carry charge: To carry your items an excessive distance to their truck, long carry charges a charge for when movers need.
Non-allowable list: These items are prohibited to move, and this list of items movers will not transport, which includes dangerous or will potentially cause damage, like chemicals, propane tanks, and so forth.
Order for service: Being part of the bill of lading, the document authorizing a moving company to move your items.
Packing service: Before the move and unpack them after delivery, movers will pack your items.
PBO: Packed by Owner.
Pro-Mover: A reputable and professional, moving company certified by AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association).
Quote: Based on your specific moving needs, a quote is a price estimate provided by a moving company.
Self-service mover: A truck or trailer for you to load and unload yourself provided by a company.
Stair-carry charge: For movers carrying your items up or down flights of stairs, this is an extra charge.
Standard coverage: As required by law, the minimum amount of valuation coverage a moving company will provide for your possessions.
Tariff: A comprehensive list of a moving company’s rates, rules, and regulations, which varies based on type of move.
Valuation: You will be asked to declare the total monetary value of all of your items, before shipment. This is the maximum amount that the moving company will be liable for.

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