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When planning a move, you will want to hire a moving service to help make the move go faster and smoother. After scheduling a moving service, the day will come that the moving truck will arrive and the loading will begin. You will want to be fully prepared for the movers. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share a basic check list to better help you be ready for moving day.

Final Walkthrough of Home Before Moving Out

The day the moving trucks are scheduled to arrive you will want to do a final walkthrough of the home. You will want to check everywhere for anything that may have been overlooked. Make sure to check the attic space, all closets, and any other area that may have been overlooked during packing. Not only do you want to make sure everything got pack up, but it will also give you peace of mind that nothing has been forgotten.

Make Space for Movers

Another step you will want to take is to make sure the moving truck has space to park. When moving you will want to have the moving truck in a place that makes loading the furniture and boxes easier. Make sure not to block pathways for the movers to load the truck. Additionally, will want all of the boxes in a convenient place for the mover to pick up the boxes. For those who want a fast and speeding moving day, you may want to have all of the boxes in a single pile or cluster and all of the furniture together. The movers will know what to load first for efficiency of space and time.

Review Moving Documents

While you wait for the moving service, you may want to take this time to look over your moving service documents. You will want to double check addresses to ensure the moving truck knows where you are going and the location of your new home. Make sure you follow any regulations and are prepared for the movers.

Pack Your Vehicle with Moving Day Essentials

When moving longer distances and you are driving yours vehicle, there are often items you will want to take with you in your vehicle. In some long distance moves, you may arrive to the new home days before the moving truck. You may want to pack some of the essentials in your vehicle and other items to help the time pass while on the road. While you are waiting for the movers to arrive you may want to have your vehicle packed, this will also eliminate any confusion.

Refreshments for Movers

Snacks are not required, but it helps to make moving more enjoyable. You and the movers will get thirsty and snacks do provide additional energy. Bottled water, granola bars or other such snacks and don’t need refrigeration. However, you can provide what ever snacks you want if you decide you want some refreshments.

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