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How Long Does it Take Kids to Adjust to a New House & How Can I Make the Move Easier on My Children in Glendale, CA?

There will likely come a time in a family’s lives where they will undergo a move to a new home. What ever the reasons for the move, it can be both an exciting and stressful time; especially for your children. There are a lot of mixed emotions for children who lose the association of their friends, and leave behind the familiarity of their schools and other activities they might be involved in. However, as much stress as you too will be facing, turn your attention to your children and help them through this change. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share a few tips that we have noticed others have done to better help their children adjust to the changes they will be facing. This means happy kids as well as happy parents.

What Should I Do Before Movers Arrive?

Most moves are planed well in advance, giving more than enough time to prepare for the changes. Once you’re more aware of your future home and its location, get to know the area. Look at which schools and activities your children might be interested in as well as parks and even restaurants. Additionally, you will want to get to know the surrounding neighborhoods. A good resource to learn a few of these basic things are the Chamber of Commerce and the Welcome Wagon. Even the Board of Realtors can provide great information. Once you have some of this basic intel, share it with your children to help them feel part of this new chapter in their lives. Share as much as you can. Try to provide pictures of their home or school or other topics that may interest them. Children are very visual, so it helps them picture themselves in their new location. When the time comes, they will already feel more familiar once they move. It’s also a good idea to have your children’s medical records and dental records with you. You can even transfer them to the school and depending on the children’s age, the pediatrician or doctor you may be switching to. A day or so before the move encourage your children to exchange phone numbers, email or their new address to stay in contact with their old friends. A final idea is to have a moving away party where your kids can invite friends over to have fun and play and to give them a proper good bye.

What to Do Immediately After Moving

After the move your kids will walk into an empty home. This is the perfect time to suggest repainting and the designing of their bedroom and if designated, their bathrooms as well. This will help make their new home feel like theirs all the sooner. Also start looking into activities they might want to get involved in. This will help keep them busy and excited to learn and to do new things. If your kids were already involved in activities prior to the move, try to find the same types so they don’t feel their lives were disrupted. Don’t let them forget the friends they left behind. Encourage them to stay in contact with them. Suggest they take pictures of their new home and surroundings and have them share it with their friends. The key is helping them become part of their new home and town. This will help keep them busy so their minds don’t drift to those things they will miss.

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