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What to Do While Movers are Moving in Calabasas, CA? Pack Your Vehicle, Clean Rooms as You Move Out & More

An adventure that comes with a host of responsibilities, tasks, and preparation consists of moving. Though planning and strategically downsizing, packing and so forth are done in advance, however, quite a few do not know what to do with themselves while the movers are doing their jobs. We at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer some suggestions in order help make your time productive while the professionals do their work.

How You Can Help the Movers

Supervise Children & Pets – If they are concerned with pets and small kids creating obstacles for them, it can be challenging for the movers to get the job done. While the professionals get everything ready to move on moving day, keeping the kiddos entertained and out of the mover’s way is the best way to help the movers be more productive and efficient in their tasks.
Pack Your Vehicle. You can start packing up your vehicle of the personal items or unmovable possessions the professionals will not move if kids and pets are not a concern. Having the vehicle packed with your sensitive documents, valuables, medication, and other essentials is best to have on you if you are driving to the new home.
Offer Movers Refreshments. Providing the movers some drinks and snacks can go a long way to rejuvenate energy and is always welcome. Having food keeps morale high and as well as energy levels, no matter if you have a cooler packed with ice, water and a few packaged food items, or want to indulge the movers with a modest spread. Never feel obligated to do this, it is merely a hospital act of kindness.
Clean Home as You Move Out. Especially for rentals, cleaning the house is on most people’s agenda usually. Tackling the cleaning can expedite the exiting process as rooms are done being packed and there is not much foot traffic. The opportunity to give each room a once over and ensure everything is removed from the rooms and the trash is removed is also given while cleaning.
Avoid Leaving the Premises While Movers are Loading. While the movers are hard at work, do not leave, no matter which tasks you engage. You can hold up the whole process, there may be important questions and directions the movers need and if you are gone. If the movers need your assistance, keep busy on location to be there.
Do Not Get in the Way of Movers. To properly and efficiently move, movers have the professional training and experience. You end up slowing down the whole process and micromanaging frustrates the movers. Stay out of their way and let them do their job unless they ask you a specific question, or you simply need to note fragile or sensitive items.

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