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When to Use Wooden Crates in Pasadena, CA; Custom Crating for Antiques, Art, Statues, Mirrors & More

When it comes to a move, most homeowners biggest concern is that their valuables make it to their new destination safely and undamaged. In an effort to protect household items, many will gather cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or moving blankets to ensure their items are packed correctly and safely. However, some items, especially large or odd shaped items, can pose a challenge to pack properly in order to prevent damage. When you face this dilemma there is one answer that works; custom wooden crates. Most people associate wood crates with moving museum goods or works of timeless art. There is a reason why wooden crates are used for these large, oddly shaped, or fragile items and it’s because it offers the best protection. Prodigy Moving & Storage not only provide custom wooden crates to our customers, we will also share advice as to which items in your home you may want to consider protecting with crates..

What is a Wooden Crate Used For?

Don’t associate the use of wooden crates for just expensive items. They are intended for all items that are fragile and need extra protection during a move. Wooden crates are built to fit around a desired item which offers a sturdy and protective shell around them. Most items are first wrapped with bubble wrap, moving blankets, or moving insulation and then boxed so the wood and padding absorbs most of the impact or force preventing damages to the items. Additionally, the encased items should have no wiggle room which adds to the preservation of the items. Wooden crates offer the most protection followed by plastic containers, and then cardboard boxes. However both cardboard, plastic boxes and containers don’t all fit household items.

Loading Crates when Moving

For those large and heavier items incased in wood often require a loader to load and unload them, which in most cases, professional movers come equipped with. When seeking a wooden crate service, make sure to indicate the size and weight of the item to assure all the necessary equipment is ready. Large sculptures, pianos, or large antique items often use crates and a loader is often required to move these items.

Custom Crating

Wooden crates are often built for antiques, art works, large mirrors, chandeliers, appliances, and building materials such as countertops or even electronics such as televisions. However, even though these items are most often seen using wooden crates, there is no limit to what items can be crated. Items that hold sentimental value or are irreplaceable, expensive, or fragile, can be crated. Especially during a longer distance move, if you want to insure the items make it to their destination undamaged wooden crates are a worthwhile investment. When you need custom wooden crates often the mover will need to measure and determine which building method will suit the item or items best. They will design the wooden crates to fit and protect the items. Additionally, they will measure and determine the weight to see what equipment will be needed to load and unload the crate.

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