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What to Do Before Unpacking After Moving in Hidden Hills, CA; Move In Inspection of New Place & More

When you get your stuff in your home, many are anxious to get the unpacking done and start their new routines in their new home. However, though you may be excited about the possibilities, there are some common issues that should be remedied before you start the unpacking procedures. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to elaborate on these fixes, preferably before the moving van arrives.

Check Windows Work

Open all the windows and close them. Ensure they open and close properly and the locks operate as intended. These can be more than a nuisance, but a safety hazard as well. You have a life and death situation in the event of fire and your only exit point may be the nearest window or should the first responders not be able to reach you. Also, burglars have easy access to your possessions due to a malfunctioning window. The windows can also be the source of wasted and increase energy bills as the cool or warm air is escaping through windows that are not closing fully.

Door Move In Inspection

Poor fitting doors, broken locks, and other imperfections can leave your home vulnerable to intruders as well as allow your cool or warm air to escape, increasing utility bills and wasting cash.

Air Duct Cleaning Before Moving In

Air ducts should be cleaned before moving in, especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. Make sure the air filters are freshly replaced. A professional cleaning for the ducts is well worth the investment.

Pest Inspection Before Unpacking

Pests are a never-ending problem. Whether there are pigeons, rodents, ants, roaches, and other pests, they are surrounding the property and likely inside. Though preventative maintenance helps, you never what problems the previous left you with. Consider a pest inspection and preventative and/or infestation removal services.

Get Rid of Smell in House from Previous Owners

Tobacco smoke is a common issue, as the odor molecules seep into the fabrics, such as carpets and window treatments. Consider professional carpet cleaning and drape cleaning services.

Make Sure Appliances are Working Before Moving In

Major appliance issues are a headache, from stove top coils that stay cold to washing machines that won’t turn on. Ensure your appliances are in working order, otherwise, before moving in, hire repairman or replace the units.

Before Unpacking, Check Structure, Drainage, Plumbing & Electrical

Often the symptoms of bigger and more expensive problems are cracked concrete, uneven floors, water-damaged walls, missing roof tiles, and other building issues. Get these concerns checked out before it leads to higher costs. To avoid being stuck on a ladder during a storm, scraping leaves and branches out, inspect gutters and downspouts and clean them before you move in when the weather is ideal. Look for any signs of electrical issues as well as plumbing, such as leaks and such. Getting these problems repairs before unpacking can make the process a lot simpler.

Paint Before Moving into a New House

Before the moving company arrives with your belongings, if you need to change the paint color in a room or need to refinish floors or patch walls; get them done first.

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