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Use Plastic to Protect Boxes & More

When you are scheduling to move from one place to another there are several months of preparation. Most people don’t pack up and move in just a week or two but will take time to set it all up. You have to work on finding a place to live and pick a move in date that you will be able to get the keys. Then you need to work with your current house and find the right time to start the packing process. If you are getting ready to schedule your move you can take into account a lot of aspects with the exception of the weather. You can’t really get a good look at the weather until you are a week out which means a storm heading your way means you are moving in a storm. One of the worst aspects of the storm that you are stuck dealing with is if there happens to be rain. The rain will soak everything in its path and the road as well. This makes several aspects of moving much more difficult. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers tips to follow if you are stuck with a move in the rain.

Use Plastic to Protect Moving Boxes from Rain

When you know that you are going to need to pack and load a truck in the rain you want to do what you can to rain proof it. A rain coat is what you would wear so that the rain will run right off of you. You can do a similar trick with your boxes and other items. Although you can’t buy enough rain coats for all your items you can use trash bags. A quick trip to the store is a great way to stock up on large size trash bags. Then you can take them out and cover your clothes, books, papers and even boxes that you don’t want to get soaked. The bag will work to disperse the rain water rather than allowing it to get on your personal belongings.

Keep Furniture Dry when Moving in Rain

There are some items that no matter how quick you move them from the house to the truck they are going to get some water on them. These happen to be your larger items like tables, bookshelves and couches. You want to be sure that you are ready to react once they have made it onto the truck. You can use towels to dry off anything that you move that is not covered. Be ready with a whole stack of towels and swap them out when they start to get too much moisture.

Create a Moving Assembly Line

The best way to move quickly from the house to the truck is to make an assembly line. You can make a line of people so that the boxes can quickly go from one to the next. You want to ensure that they are ready to move fast and that there are no gaps in the line. Be sure that you have the right amount of muscle in the line so they can handle any box sent their way.

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