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Tips for Moving During Summer in Cerritos, CA; Packing in Hot Humid Weather & More

Summer is a popular time to move. With longer daylight hours, the kids are typically off of school for summer break, and with other circumstances, summer is a season of moving. The biggest issue is surviving the heat. To help your summer move be a lot more comfortable, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer basic tips on moving in summer.

Start Preparing to Move Immediately

It is ideal to plan several weeks ahead of your move. Where some people procrastinate, or simply have little notice to move, the sooner you make preparations, the smoother the transition may be. Contact a reputable company to hire your moving services in advance to make sure you have the time booked. Start packing the out-of-season clothes, decorations, and other non essentials that can be packed for weeks without needing them. This will give you the opportunity to start donation categories, stuff to throw out, as well as stuff to sell if you are taking the time for that while starting the packing process. Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done, such as packing, cancelling current utilities, making arrangements for the new place to have utilities turned on, collecting medical records, school documents, and other such things if you are moving out of state.

Manage Moving Budget

Where moving in the summer is the height of moving season, services are often pricier. Having a game plan to better maintain your budget is ideal. With the demand being high for professional services, the rates are usually higher too. Make sure to find a quality moving service that is affordable. To help make the move more affordable, take the time to have a yard sale to downsize the possessions and cut costs and expenses where you can. You can likely cancel memberships and be choosy on the professional services you hire.

Out of State Moving

Moving a long distance has advantages when moving on a weekday. Scheduling would need attention when moving in the busy season of summer. Using a holiday, such as the 4th of July or Memorial Day will be hard to schedule as well as more expensive. Avoid holidays and weekends to move to better book your moving services.

Packing in Hot Humid Weather

Packing often takes far more time than people think, which is why it is recommended and encouraged to start packing sooner than later. Make sure the boxes, tape, sharpies, and other moving equipment is good quality. Label the boxes of basic contents and if nothing else, the room they belong in. Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes to avoid boxes from being too heavy to move or causing the bottom to fall through. Make certain all fragile items are properly wrapped. Set aside a moving bag of the essential, such toothbrush, important documents and a few changes of clothes as well as pack a first to open box when you get into the new place.

Use Caution when Moving Heat Sensitive Items

Not only do you battle the market and demand for the moving industry, but you will be combating the rise in temperatures and humidity. Make sure to take extra steps to ensure that heat sensitive items are protected.

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Protect yourself in the heat. Most importantly, be sure to dress safely and appropriately for the hot days, drink plenty of water, and wear your sunscreen. Whether you are moving this summer, or in the near future, call Prodigy Moving & Storage for affordable moving and related services of the highest quality.