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March 28, 2023
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Short Notice Packing & Moving Checklist in Marina del Rey, CA for Last Minute Emergency Move Outs

In a perfect world you would have at least four to five weeks preparation for a big move. There’s a lot that goes into big move. The sorting, organizing, and packing of all your belongings is a daunting task that takes time if you want it done right. Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect and that doesn’t always happen. What if you’ve been given short notice and you have a tight deadline? Prodigy Moving & Storage offer helpful tips for a smooth move.

Tips for Moving Quickly Short Notice when in a Last Minute Hurry

1. Keep, donate or throw away belongings before moving. Do not pack anything you don’t really need. Not only is it a waste of time, it’s not necessary. Go over every item and ask yourself how often you use it and if it’s worth taking. Set up three piles of items to keep, items to donate, and items to throw away. Doing so will be very helpful when you’re in a time crunch.
2. Get rid of as much as possible as soon as you find out you will be moving. The next step is to remove all the items in the throw away pile. This needs to be done before you start packing. You will feel great when you see your home getting emptier. It will also help you get more motivated to move forward in the packing process. Keep in mind that you should only donate items that are in good condition. Choose a local charity that will come pick these items up from your home to save time. You can even use the services of a junk disposal company. It may cost a little, but you won’t have to use your time and energy to do it.
3. Put a kit of packing essentials together. It’s important to figure out what you’ll need right away when you get to your new home. Pack a change of clothes, basic needs, medications, snacks, etc. Important paperwork should also be kept with you and not in a box. This is a good way to avoid added stress to the stress you’re already under. The smoother the move goes the better, right?
4. Gather short notice moving supplies. Now you can pack everything that’s left. Organization is the only way to remain sane during this stressful time. Prepare a moving checklist to help you along the way. The first item on the list should be to gather all the items you will need for the job. These items include; boxes, tape, packing materials, sharpies and labels. Large plastic bins can also be useful during a move.
5. Group packing items by room and category. Keep items that go in certain rooms together. It’s a simple way to make things much easier when you get to your new home. Use a labeling system as you pack that will be helpful when you start to unpack. Follow your checklist and feel good about it as you check one item off at a time. Stay focused and pack one room at a time until you’re finished, and the movers are ready to transport your belongings.

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