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Preparing for a Winter Move in Calabasas, CA; Getting House Ready For Cold, Wet Moving

Moving in the winter can be the perfect time, however, the actual moving on an exceptionally freezing cold day is usually not that ideal. With more flexibility to book a mover, the winter is the slow season for moving companies. Also, rates are usually cheaper since you are not in the peak moving season. Moving in the winter is still very doable and is often a necessity, despite dealing with the frigid cold weather. To help make your winter more successful and smoother, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share a few tips. The winter move can be far more successful than you might think, though moving in the cold season presents a few challenges. You can overcome it with a little planning, organization, and help from a trusted professional. Below we have listed a few tips for winter moving.

Be Flexible when Moving in Winter

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so it is vital to be prepared for anything. Keep an eye on the weather in the weeks that lead to moving day. If there is a major storm on the day you’re supposed to move, you may need to need to reschedule.

Plan Ahead to Move

Moving day is very busy, you will want to make sure you got everything ready to roll by the time moving day rolls around. You should have everything packed and ready to go before your movers show up to avoid the last-minute commotion. Packing early can save a substantial amount of time and make everything more organized.

Getting House Ready for Cold, Wet Moving

You will have a bit more prep work to do before loading out and loading in if the weather is particularly bad, or even snowing in the area you are moving from or to. Be sure to do the necessary prep for snow, like shoveling a path, or salt or sand the slick surfaces. Use a tarp or tent over the path to keep your items dry for heavy rains. Keep the floor clean with the ins and outs using a plastic cover.

Protect Your Possessions when Moving in Cold, Winter Weather

Should there be any heavy snow or rain on moving day, you may also want to pack your items a bit differently. A heavy downpour might require some plastic totes for moving instead of cardboard boxes, which many moving companies offer them for rent. Make sure packing tape securing your moving boxes should be adequate with a little rain. To protect artwork from moisture exposure, wrap them in plastic or covered with trash bags. Also protect clothing and textiles and wrap the wood or fabric furniture with heavy blankets, trash bags, or tarps.

Allow for Extra Time for a Winter Move

For uncooperative weather and other circumstances have a backup plan for delays. Loading and unloading up the truck as well as other labor and traveling time can be delayed with winter weather. Make certain to allot extra time to complete your move.

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