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Organizing & Decluttering Before Moving in Carson, CA; Purging Items Online, at Yard Sale & More

Moving provides families with the perfect opportunity to declutter their house. Since you have to pack all of your belongings up it gives you a chance to evaluate everything as you decide whether you want to keep it or not. Many times people find they are hanging on to things they do not actually use anymore simply because their current home had a convenient place to store the items. You may also know that certain items will not be needed in your new home. This is frequently true of decorations and furniture. As your pile of unwanted items grows you will probably find yourself wondering what on earth to do with it all. Prodigy Moving & Storage has a few options for you to consider. You may be surprised to discover that a yard sale is not the only option!

Yard Sale Before Moving

We will start with the option of having a yard sale. You can take all of the items that you no longer want and put them out in your driveway or yard and have a sale. This is the most traditional way to sell your belongings. If you are going to have a yard sale you will want to make sure that you have nice and clear signage out the day of your event. You can also advertise ahead of time on social media and other websites. The better your advertising is the more people will attend your yard sale. You will want to have all of your items organized and displayed nicely so that people can easily see what you have even if they do not get out of their car. Some people like to price all of their items while others prefer to just haggle with customers over price during the sale. This is really more of a personal preference. Your kids will likely enjoy helping with the yard sale. Many times you will find that if your kids know that you are selling the items and that they can have the money from their items they will put more items in the yard sale and be quite the charming sales people during the sale as well.

Selling Items on Facebook to Declutter Before Moving

Facebook has become an awesome alternative to a yard sale. Most cities have multiple groups on Facebook for people to buy and sell items. The nice thing about this is that you do not have to nicely display each item or sit outside for hours waiting for customers. You take pictures, post the pictures to the Facebook group, write a description, name a price and you are good to go. Taking pictures can be a pain sometimes but many people prefer this to the alternative of sitting outside for hours at a yard sale. Another advantage of this is that you do not have to make any signs directing people to your home. People are going onto these Facebook groups because they want to buy something so there is not advertising needed.

Sell Unwanted Belongings on Craig’s List

You can utilize apps such as Offer Up or Let Go to sell your items as well. These are easy to use and typically free to download. The process for this is the same as Facebook and Craig’s List.

Purging on Mobile Apps Before the Big Move

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Whatever method you use to sell your items we hope that you have great luck! If this all sounds too overwhelming remember that if you donate your items to a local charity that resales the items at a low price. These donations are tax deductible. After you have gotten rid of all the items that you do not need to move we hope that you will hire Prodigy Moving & Storage to help you move your items to your new home.