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For over 15 years, Prodigy has been here to make the help reduce the stress of any residential or commercial relocation. Prodigy Moving & Storage Inc. in Los Angeles, CA is an experienced professional moving company that can help you solve any of your moving problems. With years of experience as home movers and commercial movers in Los Angeles, we have built a team of experienced and qualified individuals who can ensure a hassle-free relocation. Our services are designed for trust and dependability so that we can form long-term relations with our customers.

Why is our Moving Company Special?

Real Dependable Moving Company in Los Angeles you can count on

After a long time in this business, we can confidently say we are movers you can count on. We want you to allow us to handle your relocation and enjoy our quality service. We pride ourselves in being known as dependable movers in Los Angeles because we provide moving services to our clients they can recommend to their family and friends. Our principle is simple: provide services that we would want, so that we can ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our services are not just limited to being movers in Los Angeles, but we provide a full service ranging from packing, shifting to unpacking. So, when you are looking for a mover in Los Angeles, and you choose us, you can be sure to have a hassle-free moving experience.


We serve all of California residents we started Los Angeles Moving company, but begin strong. Our team can handle movement of any size. With years in this business, we have been able to garner experience and expertise that makes us the best option for movers in Los Angeles & around California.

Why is Prodigy Moving Services better than other Moving Companies?

Due to providing professional moving services to clients all over Los Angeles, we have formed sustainable partnerships with others in the business so that we can provide quick and speedy moving services to all our customers. So, if you’re in California or you are looking for professional home movers in Los Angeles, Prodigy moving will provide the solution to all your relocation problems. From moving your furniture to moving your clothes whatever you need we will provide!

Committed to Providing quality Moving Services

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Then read below:

We have a strong set of team members & organizers that will manage the entire process to make sure that your move is successful. Making sure the customer is happy comes #1 & that’s a fact, You can check our moving company reviews

Our Movers are Quick

We entirely understand that time is valuable to you. Our movers will make sure your valuables arrive at the right location and at the right time. So, whether you want to relocate in a month or a week and you are looking for a mover in Los Angeles we will provide you with the service you need in the timeframe you need.

We are Price Competitive with other moving companies

We believe in providing affordable and customized services according to unique needs of our clients, so when you choose Prodigy Moving & Storage Inc. as your home or commercial movers, you can be sure that you are getting the best price around.

We Provide Excellency

We stay up to date with all the best moving practices, & we stay loyal to our clients every time. So, Let’s get Moving. Call Prodigy Moving & Storage if you are looking for professional and affordable movers in Los Angeles, CA, just give us a call or leave a message to ask for a quote and our team will get back to you in no time.

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