Checklist for Moving in with Roommates in Whittier, CA; Decide what Items Each Will Move In & More
March 29, 2023

List of Prohibited Items Movers in Huntington Park, CA Won’t Move; Hazardous Chemicals & More

As you begin to plan for a move you will need to decide on what to pack and take with you. When it comes to what you can pack in a moving truck, the list may seem limitless. However, there are some restrictions on what a moving service will allow into a moving truck. In most cases, the items that a moving service won’t take are no brainers. However, there are some items some homeowner are surprised to find they can’t load in a moving truck. Prodigy Moving & Storage will share what items you should not pack in a moving truck and why.

Don’t Pack Perishable Food when Moving

Many homeowners will pack food away so they don’t waste last week’s groceries. However, even if you are only moving a short distance away, food spoils quickly. Perishable food should never be loaded in a moving truck. They quickly get hot and therefore, food and bacteria can begin to spread. Long distance moves across the State can be even worse as pests will be drawn to the scent of food and may attempt to invade the moving truck during refueling. Pests can spread quickly. Instead just before the move, consider throwing a farewell party and try to use up all of your perishables. Not only is it less to pack, you can avoid opening up a box of spoiled food invaded by unwanted pests.

Hazardous Chemicals are Prohibited from Moving Truck

When packing up you garage and cupboards you may come across left over paint or strong cleaners that contain abrasive chemicals. Propane tanks, ammunition, and gas tanks for small machines should never be packed in a moving truck. Most abrasive chemicals should not be packed in a moving truck as it poses a major fire risk. Again, the inside of a moving truck can heat up even with insulation. To avoid all of your house hold items going up in smoke, never pack hazardous chemicals in a moving truck. Instead, see it a family or friend could use them. Leave the extra paint at the home in case the new homeowners need it for touch ups or take them to your local hazardous waste dump.

Don’t Pack Valuables in Moving Truck

Small items, antiques, jewelry and cash are all recommended to stay with the homeowner if possible. Often these items won’t be covered by insurance and in the event it gets lost or damaged, it can be a major setback. Moving services won’t deny loading valuables in their moving truck, instead you will be encouraged not to. It can provide better piece of mind if certain items stay with the homeowner whenever possible.

Don’t Transport Plants in Moving Van

Plants and flowers are often not allowed to be loaded into a moving truck, especially when moving long distances. As the trucks drive through other states, they are bound by the laws about which flowers and plants may enter the state. This is to avoid cross pollination that can harm local plant life or crops. Therefore, many plant species are banded from certain states. Additionally, the plant survival is not likely. Instead either see if a friend, neighbor or family member might want to adopt your plants. If you are moving close by then take you plants with you.

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There are a few other items that should never to transported by a moving service such as pets. In most cases common sense can help determine what can be loaded into a moving truck. You can ask your moving service if they provide a list of items they don’t allow to be sure. When moving long distances within the State of California or short, you can contact Prodigy Moving & Storage for quality moving services.