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How to Pack & Unpack Books in Boxes for Moving After Decluttering in La Puente, CA

You will need to know some things about moving books if you are book lover and are getting close to embarking on a journey to a new home. Though books are not necessarily fragile, they can have monetary value and when collected together, they can be heavy, and even awkward. To help make the move a success and lot smoother for the book lover preparing for their impending move, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share some tips and advice surrounding moving your precious books safely, yet efficiently.

Decluttering Book Collections

Books are heavy, especially when combined together, despite how much you adore them. If you really want to help ease the burden of your move, you can consider downsizing your collection. You can sell them, donate them, or give them away to people who will treat them well. If you do not want to part with them, be prepared to pay for the move and increase labor involved.

Book Boxes

One mover will be hardly enough for it if you opt to pack your books in the same box as you pack everything else. The more books the heavier the box, so using a bigger box will hinder your progress. If your collection of books is extensive, make sure to use smaller, high-quality boxes that are solid. Make sure they have not been damaged by moisture or other elements, otherwise, you can lose your books in the middle of the move as they fall through the bottom. Make sure the bottom and top are adequately taped with high-quality packing tape as well.

Packing Plan for Books

Make a strategy while packing, just as you do with your general household items. For example, your books are likely categorized and/or alphabetized on each self. Depending on the ho big the shelves are, simply pack a shelf of books in a box, properly label and tape up the box to not only make packing easy, but to simplify the unpacking.

Pack Books Carefully

Your books need to be packed with care. To protect them, put some sheets on the bottom. Use creative tactics, as you can place them in the box laying or standing, or using mixed methods, just do not place them on the angle.

Unpack Books Right Away

It can be very uncomfortable being surrounded by books and if you have a lot 10-15 even small boxes around you can be stressful. Once your furniture is assembled and the necessities are in place, after a day or two of rest, tackle the books first to help remove the boxes. Seeing the books on your bookshelf will also help you feel more at home.

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