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How to Pack & Move Heavy Garden Statues, Sculptures & Fine Art when Moving to Pico Rivera, CA

Fine art and sculptures are vulnerable to damage during a move and if that happens, it will depreciate their value. Though they are heavy, they are still delicate. You want to take any and all steps available to get your artwork unscathed to their destination. Each piece should have its own unique accommodations in order for it to be transported safely during the move. When compared to moving the small but priceless painting in your collection, moving a large marble sculpture, for example, requires entirely different protection and handling. You can have better peace of mind it will reach the new home with specialized attention. To help your fine art and sculptures survive the move, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share tips and advice. When it comes to moving and packing the artwork with your professional mover, you will want to address it separately from the rest of your possessions.

How to Pack & Move Large Pictures, Paintings & Fine Art

With professionals from Prodigy Moving & Storage, we understand that your paintings are delicate, and the preservation of the integrity and safety of your paintings is vital to the move. Our experts use only the highest quality supplies to ensure they are well wrapped and protected during the transportation process. Moving experts offer the fine paintings more protection against sliding furniture, changing humidity and other damaging conditions that might be presented on the road ahead. For some paintings that require climate-controlled environments as to not compromise the delicate pigments and when dealing with irreplaceable artwork, we strongly encourage you invest in specialized, custom transportation accommodations.

How to Move a Marble Statue & Other Sculptures

Sculptures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and density and are even more unique to move than framed paintings. Taking the extra safety precautions and providing exceptional wrapping and packing placement is essential, though they are usually more resistant to transportation damage. With padded protection, the long road ahead offers your sculptures more security and safety. When it comes to sculptures, transportation itself is the primary consideration. Even the sculptures that are on a smaller scale can be awkward and cumbersome to move. Providing the experts with their details, such as precise dimensions of the sculptures, can predetermine how the professionals will move them inside; whether it is through a doorway or other alternatives, for instance.

Additionally, we recommend safely disassembling the sculpture if it is applicable, and always perform the appropriate steps and protocol on doing so. Keep in mind, that to ensure their safe move, the larger scale sculptures may have to utilize a crane. To prevent slipping or unintentional damage, if you are counting on untrained professionals for assistance, be sure anyone who offers a hand when handling the sculptures are wearing wear a pair of high-quality gloves

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When you pack and transport your valuable art pieces, whether your collection is small or extensive, always apply extreme safety measures, no matter if you are moving framed art and delicate sculptures require care when manipulating the pieces. When it comes time to move your fine art, the experts of Prodigy Moving & Storage is readily available to provide our expertise. Contact us today.