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How Do You Expand a Business By Moving to a New Location in Pomona, CA? Hire Movers for Commercial Move & More

When you are running a business of any kind the goal is to do a good enough job that you are able to expand. Running a commercial business and running out of space to work is very stressful. You can’t just stop everything to get your building or space situated. The work continues while you are left to figure out what you need to do. Many businesses end up in a position that they need to expand to a new location or even city. That is a whole other ball game that means a lot more work and obviously space and equipment. The new location that you are able to procure may need some inventory from the original space as well as other items that you may want to pick up. They need to be loaded onto a moving truck and driven to the new location. If you are in a predicament that you are not opening a new location but need more space you need to have a well-organized process to shut down the business and set it back up with little down time. It is paramount that you hire a company that has extensive experience moving commercial office spaces. There are a lot of other things that go into moving a business that you will need to worry about. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful tips when you move your office to a new location or you expand to another city within our great state of California.

Hire Movers for Your Commercial Move

The top priority when moving an office is to be sure that you hire a company that knows what they are doing. They need to have experience in moving office equipment so that there is not damage done. They also need to be on a tight schedule so that you can have your office set back up and running in the smallest amount of time. The packing for an office is much different than a residence therefor you need to ensure that the movers are prepared with firsthand knowledge about what is being moved. Often the items are sensitive in nature and need to be handled with extra care.

Prepare Customers & Clients for Your Upcoming Move Dates

When you are going to relocate or expand your business you want to be sure that you give your clients and customers plenty of advanced notice. You can hang signs that show that you are moving and send out fliers. It is a great idea to have business cards ready and hand them out when customers come to the house. You may also decide to take out an ad space to let people know of the exciting news that you are expanding. You can also offer some sort of discount or incentive to get your clients and customers to come to your location at the new place.

Move Business Furniture, Equipment, Files & More After Hours or During Downtime

You need to have a lot of advance notice when moving your office or expanding. It is important to set up a schedule early and alert the staff and other of any and all downtime that may occur because of the move.

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