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How Do I Purge My Belongings Before Packing & Moving in Whittier, CA? Garage Sale & More

Preparing for an upcoming move can keep you busy. With all the arrangements that need to be made, planning, packing, moving and getting settled; your schedule is full. As you look around and realize just how much stuff you have accumulated, you might be wondering if it is worth the cost and hassle of moving it all. That is when you consider downsizing your stuff. With that in mind, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer some easy ways you can downsize your belongings to prepare for your next move.

Decide what Belongings to Give Away or Dispose of when Downsizing

There are a few major considerations you should apply when deciding what to get rid of. If you have a general storing area where you stow your things, start there. If any of these items of have been boxed off for a decade, you do not need it unless it has financial value or sentimental value. If there is financial value, consider selling it before the move. Clothing is another major item people keep. Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that no longer fits or is out of style. As you go through your home and consider tossing anything that you haven’t needed in over a 12 month period. Avoid procrastinating the process; delays will give you no time to get it done.

How Do I Get Rid of Excess Belongings?

1) Garage Sale: This approach may take the most effort, but it can help your get some cash. To have a successful garage, check the city ordinances and homeowners association rules regarding them and follow the rules. Price your items fairly since anything that doesn’t sell will likely be donated. Advertise yourself a couple weeks prior; place signs on the roads leading to your home. Advertising on your online social media and other resources can help as well. Enjoy the day or weekend while you sit back and let your old stuff make you some money.

2) Donate Items: Donating your gently used items to a charity is a great way to get rid of your stuff with quick and easy effort. The next person who needs that item will benefit from it, giving you a little satisfaction someone in need was able to use it instead of it being stuffed into a landfill or cluttering up your home. A lot of these organizations will even come to your location to retrieve your donation.

3) Giving family and friends hand-me-downs: Friends or family members getting started on their own may be grateful for some of those practical items. If nothing else, it is spreading further out that you are downsizing and more people will request different hand-me-downs you may not have otherwise thought of to ask.

4) Storage solutions: As you go through your things, there may be some things you want to hang on to for your own reasons. If your next home is considerably smaller, a storage unit might be the optimal solution. If finances are not available for storage, perhaps a family member or trusted member has room in their garage, basement, or attic.

5) Re-organize: A useful way to downsize is store your things more efficiently. For example, DVDS, video games, CDs, blue ray movies, and so on, can have the disk store in folders, letting your toss the bulky case and downsizing in a manner of speaking; offering you more space.

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Keep in mind, going through a household of possessions accumulated for years will take time go through everything you own, be sure to allot yourself plenty of time prior to the move. Not only will be able to move your stuff easier after downsizing, but finding a place for everything will be simpler. For your next movecall Prodigy Moving & Storage and select the services you need to make your move. Our experienced experts will get you moved efficiently and safely.