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When you know that you are going to be moving long distance there are a lot of things that you need to do to get ready. Of course you need to find a place that you are going to live and get a hold of a moving company. These are some of top things that need to happen when you are moving. You also need to start looking through your belonging and decide what you are taking with and what you can donate. You also need to be sure that you contact your utilities, doctors and other professionals that you may need when you leave. Although this all seems normal when you move there are some areas that many people need a little extra help. One area is the kitchen. Your kitchen items are many times fragile that need to be packed with care. There are also the foods that are in your pantry and fridge that you need to know what to do with. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers helpful tips on packing and moving your pantry for a long distance move.

Use Leftover Food when Moving?

This is the time to use what you can in your fridge and freezer. It is much easier to use the foods that are perishable than it is to try and take them to the next house. Make a schedule to start using the foods that are in your freezer like meat. You want to also use any condiments and foods that are going to go bad if left for too long. You can always purchase more foods for your freezer when you arrive in your new home. When you are close to moving it may be a good idea to throw out the foods that are perishable unless you have a cooler. The coolers can be used to transfer some of the foods that you would rather take with you. This should be minimal because you will have to add ice to keep the items at a safe temperature.

Pack Fragile Food Products

There are some foods that are fragile and if you just toss them in a box they won’t survive the trip. In particular when you buy sugar and flour they are in a paper bag that is easily torn and will spill all over the box. These items need to be placed in a container that is better for moving and won’t allow them to spill out. This can be a Tupperware that has a good secure and locking lid. You also want to add tape to the top of your salt and pepper shakers. This will stop them from spilling out while they are in the box.

What Size Box Should I Use to Pack Pantry Food?

If you are packing kitchen foods such as your canned goods they can be quite heavy. Be sure when you are picking out a box for your kitchen and pantry they are appropriate for what you are putting in. A box of cans needs to be placed in a smaller box to they can be moved with ease. Pasta and chips can go in a box that is bigger because of their light weight.

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