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With a bit of stress and anxiety, even the simplest of moves can be a nightmare. To help your moving day be smooth and successful, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share a few of the common moving snafus and the solutions to reduce stress and anxiety involved with moving.

What Do You Do if Your Couch Doesn’t Fit Through the Door?

When you try to push the sofa through the doorway, and it gets stuck is a dreaded moment many people moving experience. No matter what you do, it simply cannot get through the threshold. When this happens, stress and frustration set in. You need this couch to make the trip with you to your new place after all. Few know what the next step may be.
Solution: Be certain you take detailed measurements of the sofa and any other large pieces of furniture prior to moving day. In order to make sure it can fit through, offset those measurements with the size of the doorways and hallways. You need a quick solution if in the event you neglected to do this and moving day is here. You may be able to take off the legs of the sofa to give you more leeway or you may be able to take the door off its hinges to buy you another inch.

How Do You Pack in a Hurry & Move at the Last Minute?

For work on fairly quick notice, you may be getting relocated. It is likely that travel plans can fall through on such short notice, you may have to book quick accommodations at a nearby motel or with a friend in the new destination. Being left scrambling is something no one wants.
Solution: Make plans for lodging, airfare and staying with friends as soon as you have a moving date. You will have a backup, that if one plan falls through if you try to come up with a few different alternatives.

How Can How Prevent Damage to Items when Moving?

Opening up some boxes and discovering that your valuables have been broken after you arrive at the new house is not unheard of. There could have been water damage after heavy rains, or items not properly secure among other potential scenarios.
Solution: More often than not, it was inappropriate or hurried packing practices on your end that lead to damaged goods in transit. To ensure your belongings are well cushioned, be sure to pack with plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper and tape. Ultimately, it is better to hire movers to help you pack and your belongings will make it to Point B unscathed.

How Much Should I Budget for Moving Expenses?

You realize you’re paying way too much for everything and your bottom line is taking a hit with the moves just days away. The moving expenses are much higher than you planned for.
Solution: for “last minute service,” some moving companies will tack on extra fees. before signing on the dotted line, you want to get lower rates, book early, and get a written estimate from your trusted moving experts.

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