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Commercial Moving Tips in Compton, CA; Use Quality Packaging Supplies, Move Downsizing & More

Moving your business around the corner or across the state can be challenging. However, investing in professional moving services and storage facilities as well as planning ahead to prioritize a safe and organized move, means your business can have a smooth transition. Today, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to share commercial moving tips.

Moving Company Business Plan; Start Early

You will likely want to start the moving and packing process as early as possible, though the size of the business needs to be a consideration. More often than not, moving a business takes more time than home because of all the items, especially if your business is retail. Do not underestimate how long it may take to pack the business, it is very entailed. The sooner you start the better. Start packing the off-season items and nonessential ahead of time to begin the process.

Quality Packaging Supplies

Shuttling your commercial possessions from one location to another is generally a requirement when you move your business, and a lot of the equipment can be very expensive. It is vital t to invest in proper packing supplies before beginning the moving and packing process in order to keep the business possessions organized and protected. Multiple sizes of sturdy cardboard boxes, packing tape, clear zip-locked bags, bubble wrap or moving blankets, and fresh markers for labeling are the minimal essential moving supplies for commercial moving.

Downsizing Before Moving

This gives you a good opportunity to reduce the haul. Consider tossing or recycling an equipment or other items that are beyond use. Donate outdated equipment like office furniture, copiers, printers, old phones, PCs and even stray office supplies. This saves you the hassle of moving useless stuff that only takes up space.

Label Moving Boxes

Organizing your packing is important, and ensuring the boxes are properly labeled makes unpacking smoother. Label the boxes according to your preferences. Some businesses find that completing a list of inventory items and correlate them to a numbering system for the boxes helps keep everything together and accounted for. At the least, label the boxes with the general items it holds and where it will belong.

Pack Computers Carefully for Moving

Computers are not cheap, and whether you have 1 computer for business or 50, they need to be properly packed to ensure a safe move. Below are some guidelines to protect the computers for their travels.
1) Wrap and pack each computer individually. To make sure they are secure, cover computers with heavy blankets wrapped in tape. Do not stack computers on top of anything or let anything be stacked on top of them.
2) Wrap computer monitors. Using your preferred selection thick moving blankets, tape or bubble wrap computer monitors individually. Make sure that any tape you use does not touch the monitor itself to avoid damage, and only place them in boxes if you kept the original boxes and packing.
3) Safeguard data. There are several options to safeguard your data stored on the computers. A few common methods including parking the hard drives, but the best is using a cloud-based service to back up data before you move your computers or remove the hard drives.
Make sure all the cables are kept together, organized and safe from bending. Place your cables in large zip-locked bags and label them by writing the information of the specific computer they belong to on each bag.

Office Furniture Movers

Be sure to wrap the furniture with moving blankets. Where applicable, disassemble the furniture, keeping hardware labeled and together in zip lock bags. Be sure to take photos as you disassemble before reassembly.

Moving Insurance

Most moving companies have minimum insurance to cover unfortunate circumstances. However, when transporting the expensive equipment, inventory, and other high expenses, be sure to invest in extra insurance to protect yourself and your business.

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