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Checklist for When to Start Packing to Move to a New House or Apartment in Santa Monica, CA

Packing is the biggest project when it comes to your move, and with patience and foresight, the process can be a lot smoother. Procrastinating the packing until the last minute is where a lot of issues can happen, from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to losing or damaging your items. To help people successfully move as stress-free as possible, we at Prodigy Moving & Storage would like to offer a general timeline on when to pack your belongings.

Packing Plan for Moving

Diligently preparing for the move ahead is essential, even before you pack the first box. Making a packing calendar can be highly beneficial as having the game-plan can help make the move smooth, and simpler. Ensure you have plenty of the usual moving/packing supplies that are made of high-quality and are fresh. Cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and fresh markers are the basics, but having a dolly, basic tools to breakdown bulky furniture, sandwich/frozen baggies to store and label the hardware to the furniture is also ideal.

Personal Property Home Inventory

Make a detailed list of your stuff, it can be easier for many people to have a written inventory of everything they own, where they can divide it into 3 groups: Packing for the move to keep; Selling or donating; or throwing out. This can also help you know if anything is missing once you get to your new home, and maybe serve as a reminder if you got rid of something you are looking for.

4 Week Packing Moving Checklist

1) Out of season possessions including holiday décor and clothing.
2) Surplus items such as excess towels, linens, office supplies and such that are not currently being used.
3) Collectibles like art, coin collection, figurines, scrapbooks, and so forth.

Packing Plan for Moving in 3 Weeks

1) Artwork and standard décor; for example, heirlooms, souvenirs, and framed pictures.
2) Entertainment including vinyl records, CDs, books, movies, consoles, and video games.
3) Kitchenware Specialties including pie pans, BBQ tools, fine china and crystal in addition to other kitchenware not used on a routine basis.

Moving in 2 Weeks Checklist

1) Kids’ board games, puzzles, stuffed toys and most toys. Allow the kids to pick a selected few toys they can keep with them through moving day.
2) Secure jewelry in a lock box and get it packed up. You may want to keep the valuables or sentimental pieces with you through the moving day.
3) Remainder linens should be packed up now. Keep out a spare set of sheets for each bed and one towel for each family members.

1 Week Before Moving Out

1) Electronics collecting the tablets, phones, chargers, laptops, and computer equipment.
2) Remaining kitchenware such as dishes, drinking glasses, utensils, and cutlery.
3) Minimal laundry. From this point, you will want to pack up extra clothes and keep a selected few with each family better, have everything clean and ready, the less laundry piling in the dirty, the easier it is for you.
4) Pack up the medicine cabinets, first aids, and other medical needs that is not a part of vital medication and keep a basic 1st aid kit with you through moving day.

1-2 Days Before Moving Day

1) Appliances and furniture can be carefully readied for the moving truck. Bulky furniture can be moved easier broken down. Be sure to take pictures and/or notes as you disassemble to make reassembly easier, also inventory the hardware and store in a baggie. Keep the hardware taped to the large pieces.
2) Curtains, rugs and other miscellaneous needs to be packed up, rolled up, and made ready.
3) Tools, toolboxes and other basics, minus the basic essential to assemble and disassemble furniture.

Moving Day Tips

All remaining bedding, beds, toiletries, kids’ personals, pet paraphernalia, cleaning supplies and other remaining items should be packed and ready for the truck when the truck arrives.

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