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Checklist for Moving Elderly Parents in Redondo Beach, CA; Communicating, Planning & More

There is a time in your life that you have parents that are getting old. It may not seem like it is something that you will have to deal with until there is a problem that comes up. Many times when adults get old, they start to have problems caring for themselves, driving and more. When the time comes that your parents can no longer live the same life you want to make sure that you help to make arrangements. This might mean that they are going to move in with a loved one or it can mean that they are moving into an assisted living home. No matter what the decision is it is important to prepare them for that move properly. This can be a difficult time in their life and may seem to be uprooting them from the things that they have always loved and done. Prodigy Moving & Storage offers tips on how to move your senior parents.

Communicating with Elderly Parents is a Must when Moving

One of the things that you want to make sure you are doing when you move a senior parent is to communicate with them. This should not be a move that comes at them suddenly and they should feel like they are helping to make the choice. You want to talk about the reasons that it might be time to move. This can be to downsize the space, take out stairs, allow for assistance and more. These are all things that most seniors can understand are necessary and should take into account. The communication is key to ensure that they are able to take some time to understand the process. They can also make sure that they have time to plan and take in the fact that they will be moving.

Create a Moving Plan

Now that you have talked to them about moving and they know that it will be happening you need to make a plan. The plan should also include taking time to look at the new space that they are going to be moving to. Even if they are moving to a new assisted living space or if they are moving in with a family member. Also set up a timeline of when everything will happen and when the movers will arrive so that they are not caught off guard.

Bring in Help when Moving Elderly Parents

You want to make sure that the people that you are asking to help go through their home are people that they may know. It is best to start with other family members that they feel comfortable with. This is the best way to make sure that they are comfortable with who is packing and or going through their personal items. This will then make the job of the movers easier when they arrive.

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Lastly you need to take some time to look at what is needed when they move. There are going to be some things that they are not able to take with them and should be sent to storage, sold or donated. You want to organize the items in piles so that they know what is going where. Prodigy Moving & Storage can come out to make sure that you can get your senior parents moved with easeCall us today!