Chatsworth Moving Company

Prodigy Moving & Storage in Chatsworth is our main storage warehouse & offices where all of our Main operations go down. If you’re looking for a Santa Monica Moving Company or Los Angeles Moving Company we can provide these services as well.

Prodigy Moving & Storage Inc. has been working with clients across California for both large & small commercial & residential jobs. Wether you need to move an entire office space, or a few couches, our Los Angeles Moving team will be able to help you at anytime.

Being headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, doesn’t restrict our reach. We’re known as one of the leading Moving companies across Los Angeles County, with several locations across LA like our Santa Monica & Downtown, Los Angeles, CA Moving facilities.

Get in contact with a Moving Company in Los Angeles, CA that you can really trust, Our offices in Chatsworth are here to assist you with your moving process throughout the day

Since 1999, Prodigy Moving & Storage has been providing a full range of Home & Commercial Moving Services in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA.

Chatsworth Location